1947 Ruhrland Stopfbüchsen Packung GmbH is founded by the businessman Arnold Montanus and Georg and Karl Grässel. The location is the disused colliery Mansfeld in Bochum Querenburg.


1948 The company starts the production and distribution of seals and packaging made of hemp, cotton and synthetic fibres. The products’ customers are German and international companies. 


1961 Friedhelm Bremes – the founder’s son-in-law – joins the company as a shareholder

At the same time, Georg and Karl Grässel leave the company.


1966 Ruhrland Stopfbüchsen Packung GmbH leaves its location in Bochum Querenburg and sets up the new company building and state-of-the-art production facilities in Bochum-Langendreer on a 4,000m2 site. The product range is extended to include glass and ceramic packaging. The flagship of the new halls is a wire braiding machine for braiding hoses with various materials: wires made of iron, VA, phosphor bronze and 

brass as well as yarns made of ceramics, glass and cotton. The entire product range now includes packaging from a variety of high-quality materials. 


2008 The management is expanded to include Claudia Falke – Friedhelm Bremes’ daughter. Thus, the third generation enters the family business.


TODAY Ruhrland Stopfbüchsen Packung GmbH is an established name in the sector with national and international customers.